Working together to build a stronger, kinder and more just community


Stonegate Ministry's

Program Director



Emily is our  Program Director.  She is an experienced teacher, having taught grade 6 for two years. She then ran a women's GED program in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood for five years.  She is also a graduate of Tyndale College's Masters of Divinity in Clinical Counselling program, which included working for 18 months with a women's counselling centre for those who have experienced abuse.  Emily brings enthusiasm, compassion and faith to every aspect of her ministry.  
Emily currently is living in a MoveIn Patch, where Christians intentionally live in an poor, urban community.  The philosophy is to interact with your neighbours and to share the gospel.  She feels that Stonegate Ministry is an extension of this philosophy and loves that Stonegate is first and foremost about Jesus and loving individuals.  
In the  time that Emily has been working with Stonegate Ministry, she has been impressed with the organization and its role in the community.  She has seen repeatedly how Stonegate Ministry loves those in the neighbourhood and how they partner with other organizations and churches.  She is excited to see where this role will take her.